About me

My first encounter with porcelain, as matter and means of expression took place when I was at college. Its lyric poetry touched me… In my works of porcelain, functionality and plasticity have become separate. I have always been interested in the transformation of consumer goods and the metamorphosis of things dictated by changing fashions of different ages. I could compare the process of creating porcelain objects to the writing of a sonnet, controlled by strict rules and discipline.


Probably I have worked so much with this material that I am able to dream with it…It often happens that the designs appear in front of me like ready visions given to me, although it is rather a gift during the past few years, since I feel this material as much as I understand it. In this case all I have to do is to “merely” represent the image in the material. It would be good if there was an internal camera in order to preserve the images. This is a long-standing dilemma of the creators: thoughts are taking flight, while the material lags far behind...

Curriculum vitae

2013 Invited into SETO Ceramic Studio , Artists in Residency
2013 The 13th Internationa Ceramic Symposium in Egypt
2012. XV. International Ceramic Symposium in Vásárhely, Hungary
2011 Member of Internation Academy Of Ceramics (IAC)
2006 - 2009 I worked for Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. as a chief artist
2003 – 2005 Work for Zsolnay Manufactory Ltd. As a designer
1996 - 1998 Work for Herend Porcelain Manufactory as a designer
1993 I have been a charter member of the DeFORMA Group
1993 I have been a member of the Hungarian Alliance of Fine Arts and Applied Arts My professor was Imre Schrammel
1985 Graduated from the Porcelain Faculty of the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in.
1961 January 6th I was born in Nagykanizsa, Hungary


2013 First prize VII. International Ceramics Biennial El Vendrell, Spain
2009 Hungart Scholarship
2008 MINO, Japan, International Ceramics Festival, Hnorable Mention
2005 Ferenczy Noémi Award (State-Award)
2002 MINO, Japan, International Ceramics Festival, Hnorable Mention
2002 XVII. National Ceramics Biennial, Pécs, Hungary, special award of Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory LTD.
2002 “Gádor Award” of Hungarian Alliance of Fine Arts and Applied Arts
2000 XVI. National Ceramics Biennial, Pécs, Hungary, special award of Hungarian Alliance of Fine Arts and Applied Arts
1999 Quality Prize Winner Products in Hungary
1998 House of Hungarian Quality Prize
1997 Pelso /Keszthely, Hungary/ Exhibition, Prize of Hungarian Artists’ Alliance
1994 XIII. National Ceramics Biennial, Pécs , Hungary, I. Prize
1985 Level Prize for Diploma work

Solo exhibitions

2016 PULS Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2013 Kiskép Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2012 PULS Contemporary Ceramics Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2010 Museion No 1. Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2006 Exhibition with Mária Geszler and Sándor Kecskeméti, Hüfingen, Germany
2005 Keve Gallery, Hungary
2004 Pincetárlat, Balatonboglár, Hungary
2002 Olof Palme House, Budapest, Hungary
1999 Castle Museum, Keszthely, Hungary
1998 Gallery of the Library, Budaörs, Hungary
          Gallery Rékai, Budapest, Hungary
          Gallery Park, Piliscsaba, Hungary
1996 Gallery of the Young Artist’s Studio, Budapest, Hungary
1996 XIV. Nation Ceramics Biennial, Pécs, Hungary

Works in public collections

Collection of the International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary

  • Sevice
  • „Snake dance” sculpture
  • Fruit bowl
  • Tower from the city

Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs, Hungary

  • Lilac striped coffe service
  • Fruit frame holder

Museum of Applied Art Budapest, Hungary

  • Wave service
  • Coffe service designed for Herend Manufacture
  • Tower from the city

MINO, Collection of the International Ceramics Festival, Japan

  • Wave dish
  • Tower from the city

Collection of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory LTD. Herend, Hungary

  • „Snake dance” sculpture

Collection of Symposiums, Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary

  • Smoky tower

FISKARS Collection (Finland)

  • Smoky tower

Fine Arts Collection of Budaörs

  • Memories from the future

OJD Foundation (Denmark) Contemporary Fine Arts Collection

  • Couple, porcelain sculpture

Town Council of El Vendrell, Spain

  • Collapse

Seto Art Museum Collection, Japan

  • Lonelyness
  • Random
  • Smoky Tower

Public art

  • Nagykanizsa Civic Hospital, Hospital founder’s memorial
  • Törökbálint, portal of „Nyitnikék” Kindergarden
  • Colomn and portal elements of the „Kamaraerdei” kindergarden
  • Vép, Ceramics relief of the elementary school
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