Design tender 2008

Semmelweis University hall.

Flooring and concrete wall design at the new Educational and Research Center of Semmelweis University.

OVIART 2010-

Sign system for kindergartens and nurseries.

Embossed ceramic signs and their graphical versions for textile and slide. 


De-Forma Group 1993-2003

The art group "De-Forma" set up in 1993. Ten ceramists of long professional experience have clubbed together in order to pursue an activity of a special kind of form shaping they of it were belonging to fine arts.

Nowadays, form shaping as a branch of arts is handled rather adversely but, at least by our little company, is for all cultivated and considered as very important. Our decision is presented by choosing of name. But, at the end of 20th century as machines and serial articles produced by them are unable to create any atmosphere of intimacy or warmth, this decision also points at necessity of setting oneself against the convention and running a risk of rephrasing our consumer goods.

<p >The porcelain used as material by us requests disciplined quality work and respect from the user. A conscious acquiescence in technological restrictions has made a group of us. The common activity takes place practically in symposiums where the works coming to maturity will decisively be inspirited by getting to know of each other’s spirituality.

The objects chosen with one accord were as follows: Drinking vessel (1993), Table-thing (1994), Dish (1995), Box (1997), Teakettle (1997) and Feast (1999). Realisation has been helped by sponsors as follows: ATT-CAD Ltd., International Ceramics Workshop, Siklós, BASF Hungaria Ltd., De-Forma Foundation, Pécs, Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd, HEREAUS Ltd., Hanau, Interkerám Ltd, Kecskemét, Kulturkontakt Austria, International Ceramics Studio Kecskemét, National Cultural Foundation, Gallery Party, Pécs, Zsolnay Porcelain Factory, Pécs, Fővárosi Önkormányzat

Pálma Babos 1993, Budaörs

Members of the De-Forma Group (in alphabetical order):

Babos Pálma
Benedek Olga
Bedécs Mónika
Dobány Sándor
Hajdú Zsófia
Kádasi Éva
Turcsányi Judit
Vida Judit

De-Forma Csoport

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