Relations; Couples and Singles 2012 -

My porcelain sculptures evoke the cities of the 21st century, as well as the relations and single/pair contacts of the people living in them. Buildings turn humans when collapsing, turning away, falling down gently and softly. As if not being destroyed, but rather bowing to something inevitable power. It is inevitable to perceive the parallels between the towers transubstantiating to humans and the human society.

2004- Memories from the future

"Because all things, able to produce reactions, are in existence…
First the thickness of the big cities appeared in front of me, and then, with that vision, I departed for the imaginative picture of the future. The tower consists of masses of monotonous tiny elements, the multitude of towers compose the city. The construction treated in a delicate, airy and accidental way is accompanied by strict internal structure."

I started deal with these structures as a "ready born vision" in my mind about some years ago. It was very interesting process. I had seen earlier the ready sculpture before I started to work with it as a vision. First I studied the structure. I drew and built parallel. When I developed the principle that was able to carry the weight of the whole building. That time came the next question what is the size that the porcelain - that I am still in love - material can wear and can bear.

2000- Heaving billows

1995- Snake dance


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